Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Well it’s been a busy week in the lead up to Christmas, trying to get lots of projects to a point where I feel I can leave them for a few days with out panicking about them.

I’ve had roughs to complete, colours to complete, amends to make, cards to paint and new book plans to start...and it feels like I am getting there..fingers crossed, one more day to cram it all in! Having been in my own busy bubble the last few weeks I can’t actually believe its Christmas in three days.

Anyway, I’d just like to say a big Merry Christmas to everyone out there who actually reads my blog, and a big thank you for doing so too! 

Now where's christmas cake...?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A few bits and bobs

So I’m still busy as ever (and thankful for it too), but looking forward to a much needed few days off over Christmas. However at the moment I have my head buried in pencil work for a new book with Egmont Publishing - another great story from them!

Also, a couple of weeks ago I completed all the artwork for two picture books I have been working on for Igloo Books and happily got the thumbs up on it all last week. So I was very happy indeed.
They’re really funny stories, one set in a jungle about a very troubled little Elephant, the other set in a farmyard about a troublesome Cockerel upsetting his neighbours!

I can’t disclose much more than that but for now here’s a little peak of the worried little elephant character (something’s stuck up his trunk!!!).

I know I’ve already mentioned that the Treasuries are now available to buy, but I’ve seen they are also available on if you did want the links here they are...

Princess Stories: CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON

Ballerina Stories: CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON

AND...I received my copies in the post - yay!

So here’s a few piccies of the insides of Princess Stories (please excuse the poor photography - I’m blaming the bad winter light!)....

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Treasuries are out!

At the beginning of this year I took on a job that I was both really excited about being asked to do but also just a little scared was to illustrate two Treasuries for girls compiling of 160 illustrated pages in each, so 320 pages of illustrations in total, in not too longer time. The biggest job I had taken on yet!

So, having manically completed two 1001 sticker books in January I then began work on the Treasuries in February. My head was full of pinks and purples and I pretty much breathed, ate and slept ballerinas and princesses for the first four months of this year.  Oh and I was basically a caffeine-fuelled sugar-boosted working zombie. However, it really was a fabulous project to take on and I really learnt a lot about my own illustration work whilst in the process.

And now months late I have spotted that they are available for sale. Woohooooo!

I have only seen them on one online shop for now, but am awaiting my own copies from the publisher and cannot wait to see them actually printed.

If you fancy taking a peek or why not even purchasing them (they could make a great christmas present for any little princesses or budding ballerinas out there!!!) just click the pictures below for the sales link.

Both Treasuries contain 16 really sweet and fun stories including Princesses and their magical flying horses and Ballet dancers trying to save their school from closure!

I hope to post up some photos of the books soon...