Monday, 4 February 2013

It's time to bake Challah Bread!

First of all...Happy New Year!!!!!! 

....Bit late I know but my start to this year has been incredibly busy and I've hardly had the time to go to the loo let alone write on here! 
So yes its started busy with pencils for a few Science books by Wayland, a calendar for WHSmith, pencils for Maverick Publishing, a new greetings card range...oh and more pencils, this time for Egmont. Hmmmm a lot of pencils can only mean a lot of colouring coming soon!

Its been a good but busy busy start.

And to begin this week nicely I received some samples all the way from America this morning from those lovely people at Kar-Ben Publishing. It's a book I illustrated for them last year called "Rise & Shine A Challah-Day Tale"written by Karen Ostrove. It's a cute little story all about making Challah bread  - it even includes a recipe to make your own!

Just in case you want to know, the book is available in hard back over at Kar-Ben's website HERE.

Or paperback at Amazon HERE.