About Me...

I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer, working in the world of Children's Books, greetings cards, puzzles, licensing, calligraphy and more! I live and work in London, from my teeny weeny studio, with a constant supply of green tea and pick and mix sweets to keep the creativity flowing!

With a fascination for line and a constant thirst to draw I create quirky yet somewhat traditional illustrations. It's my imaginative world, where pattern, detail and a slight ‘skewiff’ essence is always present.

How to Contact me:
If you like what you see and want to view more of my portfolio, or perhaps wish to work with me or simply have some questions you can contact me by the following methods:
my website at: www.kimberleyscott.co.uk
at Advocate Art: http://www.advocate-art.com/
see my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kimberley-Scott-Illustration
And you can follow me on Twitter too (Just click the word twitter!!!)

Oooh...and as well as my Illustrative obsession, the craft of Enamelling has been a huge passion of mine, where I make and exhibit illustrated enamel pieces. I will keep you up to date with my enamel antics too!