Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Out with the old and in with the new...

Sorry its been soooooo long since I’ve written on here. I was just stupendously busy trying to complete the colour artwork for a very BIG project with the lovely people at Igloo Books. But I am extremely happy to say I met the deadline last Monday and it was all handed in...hurraaaaayyyyy!

For now here are a few snippets I thought I’d share of the last project. The real versions are not black and white but for now I can only really show these samples. 
Click each to enlarge

So since then I have had a few very-much-needed days away from the drawing board and reminded myself what fresh air tasted like...very yummy indeed.

And now this week I have returned to my pens, pencils and inks to start two new projects, one for Oxford University Press and another for Harper Collins (very cute doggy story...yay!). So its back to the sketching for me...

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