Thursday, 14 July 2011

J'aime la France

Bonjour tout le monde! 

Well, I have always had a love for France (Paris in particular) but my love of all french things seems to have kicked in again lately (it tends to fluctuate somewhat). My beret has somehow reappeared, the croissants are out at breakfast and lunchtime has me longing for 'L’escargot et un verre de vin rouge’.
Perhaps not the most accessible or practical lunch whilst working.  

So, instead I have turned to scribbling french-type-things...hence the very quick little sketch from my sketchbook of 'le petit fille Madeleine’ and her cat.

Really I am also writing to say my apologies for not having written on here again for a while. I’ve been busy with greetings cards, educational illustrations, a great little picture book about a heroic dog and some bouncing little characters for another set of baby books. As its all work in progress I can’t really show any of it yet...but I will try to post more often! I promise...or shall i say "je promets”.

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