Thursday, 11 August 2011

A slightly alternative Cinderella for sale!

Woohooooooo...It’s now officially available to buy! 

“Cinderella A Wheel-y Silly Fairy Tale” is published by Simon and Schuster, written by Tina Gallo and illustrated by ME!

The classic fairy tale Cinderella is retold with a silly twist in this playful, interactive format that's sure to keep little ones laughing. Readers can turn the wheel on each page of this paper-over-board title to choose the correct words needed to complete the scene and further the story. Once the "right" word is displayed, the art on the wheel completes the image. Silly options will entertain and guide readers to choose the correct word and image.

To buy a copy from Amazon simply click here:

Or to buy/view it on Simon & Schuster’s site click here:

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