Thursday, 22 March 2012

Greetings (cards) all round...

Recently alongside more fun book work I have been illustrating lots of greetings cards, which has been a really refreshing change as its something I tend to have less and less time for when I am busy with illustrating books. I have just recently finished off a new 12 card range for the lovely people at ‘Original Poster Company’ so fingers crossed they will be out in the shops sometime soon this year. (And hopefully I’ll be able to share some pics of these soon).

I have also just illustrated various designs for Nigel Quiney and a couple of online companies, as well as just finishing a new xmas range.

Ooh and last week I spotted one of the designs I illustrated last year for 'American Greetings’, its on their website...just click the card below if you want to go to the link. It plays music and everything!! (the card that is, not the website!)

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