Friday, 13 January 2012

Bouncing Books!

Last year I illustrated four little bouncing books for Small World Creations...aptly named ‘Little Bouncers’. And my dinky little set of four books just arrived through the post today...woohaaay!

The books themselves actually bounce, by pushing them down they then pop up and bounce about!

I was really pleased to hear the good news that they have been printed in 6 foreign language editions, those being Brazilian, Slovenian, Russian, French, Croatian and Latvian (shame the only one I can just about decipher is French!) as well as the English and US editions. So they’ll be bouncing all around the world!

They are available to buy on Amazon...just click the titles for each book to go the amazon page for each...

And here’s some pictures of them (unfortunately I couldn’t quite capture them bouncing!). 

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