Saturday, 7 January 2012

So it’s a bit late...

So it’s a bit late, but better late than never hey...Happy New Year to all!

After a week of being fully back into work I’ve forgotten I even had a christmas break...from what I can remember it was pretty good. Oh and we saw the New Year in dressed as monkeys (a Noah’s ArK themed party!) although woke up the next day with broken ears and a missing tail. oh dear.

Anyway, work wise its been a busy week and looks like the first couple of months of 2012 will remain that way. Currently I have artwork to colour for a new book for Egmont, a calendar to design and more greetings cards to whip up...oooh plus a really great private commission I am working on. So its full steam ahead for 2012...and I hope to be able to post up many more printed books this year that I worked on in 2011. So I’ll try to keep posting on here!

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